Trinity College’s newest students arrived on campus under leaden skies on August 25. In preparation for the forecasted rain, some toted belongings in garbage bags while others bundled boxes and mini refrigerators into wheeled bins and into their residence halls.

The 590 members of the Class of 2027 were joined by 39 transfer students and five new Individualized Degree Program scholars. They came from 36 U.S. states and 46 foreign countries. Some traveled a few blocks to get here, while others cross thousands of miles.

But the first few days highlighted the similarities between the students, more so than their differences. Settling into their new rooms and making their beds, pouring over the campus map to locate orientation destinations, and eating around a table with new people, happened universally.

The special nature of the transition was marked by a Class of 2027 candle lighting ceremony on Saturday evening.

Photographers John Marinelli and Sarah McCoy captured it all.