The minor in music production is designed to introduce students to a range of topics in music production that includes the fundamentals of music theory, the exploration of music in a cultural context, and a variety of musical production experiences. Students who elect the minor in music production will also perform in one of the department’s numerous ensembles for at least two semesters.

The minor consists of six courses:

  • One course in music practices and musicianship:
    • MUSC 101. Basic Musicianship
    • MUSC 201. Diatonic Harmonic Practice
  • One course in music history, literature, repertoire, listening, or music’s intersection with culture, class, gender, or politics:
    • MUSC 113. Introduction to World Music
    • MUSC 121. Listen!
    • MUSC 133. Blues Women to Nicki Minaj
    • MUSC 150. Before Lady Gaga and Beyoncé
    • MUSC 218. American Popular Music
    • MUSC 219. Toca Brasil! (Play Brazil!)
    • MUSC 252. The Beatles and Rock ‘n’ Roll
    • MUSC 268. Mozart and Beethoven
    • MUSC 274. Jazz: 1900 to the Present
  • Three courses related to music production:
    • MUSC 175. Introduction to Recording Arts (Required)
    • MUSC 260. Advanced Recording Arts
    • MUSC 270. Synthesis and Sound Design
    • MUSC 271. Sound for Film
    • MUSC 275. The Business of Music
  • Two semesters of departmental performance activities with a maximum of one semester of MUSC 107. Music Lessons.

Students may not simultaneously major in music and minor in music production.