J-Term Session Frequently Asked Questions

What are the various modes of instruction for J-Term sessions?

In-Person: In these courses, the professor will be in the classroom with the students.
Remote: For these courses, both the students and the instructors will work remotely. Remote courses are listed with sections in the ’90’ range.

Will the remote J-Term classes be held over Zoom? I am not in the same time zone as Trinity and it may be difficult for me.

J-Term courses will be offered as either in-person or via remote instruction. Refer to the course schedule for mode of instruction. What remote courses will look like may vary by course/professor; however, all J-Term courses will be taught synchronously with the understanding that the instructor(s) and students will be ‘together’ during the scheduled time of the course . You should contact the professor for course(s) you are interested in for more individualized course expectations.

What is the tuition for J-Term classes?

J-Term Session tuition is $1,565 for 0.5 credit courses and $3,130 for 1 credit courses.

In 2023, there are no registration or application fees.

Is Financial Aid available for J-Term courses?

Trinity College students who receive financial aid during the academic year (fall and/or spring) may be eligible for financial assistance for J-Term courses. Please contact us via email Financial Aid Office or via phone at 860-297-2046 for further information.

How do I register for a J-Term course?

Registration for J-Term courses is available on TCOnline.

Visiting students to Trinity should first read through Information for Visiting Students and submit a visiting student application. Visiting Student registration is on a space available basis and you will be contacted with registration information once your visiting student application has been reviewed.

How many courses can I take at Trinity during the J-Term sessions?

Students may enroll in only one J-Term course. All J-Term courses must be taken for a grade, not on a pass/fail basis.

What is the last date students can register for J-Term session courses?

Students can enroll in J-Term session courses through the end of the add/drop period, on Wednesday, January 4, 2023.

Can I take online courses at another college/university during winter break for transfer credit to Trinity?

Yes. In order to transfer any course from another institution, the student should submit an Transfer Credit Application to the Registrar’s Office. In addition, approval from the associated Department Chair is needed for remote courses and courses being considered toward major credit.

For both in-person and remote transfer courses, it is highly recommended that students submit the Transfer Credit Application and wait to be notified of approval by the Registrar’s Office prior to any final registration.

Please note that only courses taught in a synchronous manner will be approved for transfer.