Law Schools with Human Rights Programs

American University, Washington College of LawCenter for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law:  LLM (Master’s in Law) Degree, specialization in human rights, JD prerequisite, 1 year.

Columbia University Law SchoolHuman Rights Institute:  LLM, JD prerequisite, 1 year.

Fordham University, School of Law/ International Human Rights

Georgetown Law SchoolHuman Rights InstituteInternational Human Rights Certificate, JD prerequisite, 1 year.

Harvard Law SchoolHuman Rights Program:  LLM with Human Rights Concentration, 1 year.

Indiana University, School of LawProgram in International Human Rights Law:  LLM, International Human Rights Law Track, JD prerequisite, 1 year.

Northwestern University School of Law/Center for International Human Rights:  LLM Concentration in International Human Rights

Notre Dame University, Law SchoolCenter for Civil and Human Rights: LLM and JSD (doctorate) in International Human Rights Law, JD prerequisite, 1 year.

NYU School of LawCenter for Human Rights and Global Justice:  LLM, 1 year.

Oxford UniversityMaster’s in International Human Rights Law (distance-learning and part-time for lawyers and human rights professionals), 2 years.

Pepperdine University, School of Law, International Human Rights Program

Human Rights at St. Thomas University School of Law (Miami):  LLM and JSD Programs in Intercultural Human Rights.

UC-Berkeley, International Human Rights Law Clinic.

University at Buffalo-SUNY, Law School, Buffalo Human Rights Center.

University of Michigan Law School, Program in Refugee and Asylum Law.

University of Toronto, Faculty of Law, International Human Rights Program.

University of Virginia, School of Law, Human Rights Program.

Yale Law School, Orville H. Schell, Jr. Center for International Human Rights.