Trinity College is committed to being an academic community free of discrimination and prejudice and, to this end, abides by all applicable federal, state and local laws pertaining to non-discrimination and fair employment practices. Trinity College is committed to providing equal opportunity to all faculty and administrative staff in its employment and personnel practices, and to policies and practices which assure that there will be no discrimination against any individual on the grounds of race, color, age, ethnicity, national origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender expression or gender identity. Decisions relative to appointment, employment and promotion are made on the basis of individual qualifications and merit. The College is committed to building a representative and diverse faculty, administrative staff, and student body and will undertake positive efforts to ensure that this end is achieved.

The College recognizes that the principle of non-discrimination requires the elimination of all existing discriminatory conditions, whether purposeful or inadvertent. The criteria for employment in or appointment to positions at Trinity College will not in effect or intent exhibit discrimination on any of the grounds mentioned above.

Trinity College is committed to the principle of non-discrimination in education as well as in employment. It is imperative that every member of the Trinity College community – faculty, chairpersons, administrative staff and students – take positive and constructive action to ensure the College’s commitment to diversity.

Trinity College Non-Discrimination Policy
Harassment Policy
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