Trinity College isn’t located in a small town. We’re in a thriving capital city.

Though our close-knit campus is quintessentially collegiate, we’re unmistakably located in an urban environment. It’s where we work, where we intern, where we shop and eat, where we volunteer, and where we live.

Hartford is in our bones. It makes us who we are.

Our city roots run so deep that we founded an innovative Center for Urban and Global Studies to study city life around the world. So while some students travel to the megacities of China and others stay right here in Hartford, every Trinity student is made stronger and more world ready by experiencing the city.

About Hartford, Connecticut

  • Hartford is the capital of Connecticut and is almost 400 years old
  • The city’s population is approximately 125,000 residents
  • Hartford is home to culturally diverse restaurants, attractions, arts and entertainment venues, and many Fortune 500 companies
  • Boston, New York City, the Hudson River Valley, and the Atlantic Ocean are all within two hours away.

Things to Do in Hartford

From a thriving arts scene, restaurants, cultural organizations, and more, there’s always something happening in Hartford.


Hartford History

In a city that’s nearly 400 years old, there’s a lot of history to explore.

A Bird’s Eye View of Hartford

Explore Hartford through a stunning aerial view.