InterArts courses provide opportunities to hone artistic skills, discover new art forms, and explore unexpected talents. Creative projects are integrated into the InterArts curriculum, side by side with the writing, speaking, and analytical assignments that are at the heart of all liberal arts courses.

InterArts Courses

IART 101. Art and Artists
How does art get made? What is the nature of the artistic process? How do emotions, themes and ideas translate into artistic form? Through readings, discussion, written reflections and art viewings, this seminar explores creativity as a dynamic process sourced in the encounter between artist and world. In addition to studying a broad range of important artists, students are encouraged to develop their imaginative and intellectual resources and to experiment with various media as they participate in creative projects that call upon the skills learned in their arts practice courses. This course fulfills the requirement of a first-year seminar.

IART 102. Art Views and Practices

What is the role of art? Who makes it and for what purpose? What are the ideas and technologies that inform the practices of art? This seminar examines the historical forces, philosophical ideas, and/or social contexts that situate art as a potent form of cultural expression. Second semester InterArts students continue their study of important artists and art movements while they engage in creative work to further develop their art-making skills and expand their expressive capacities. This course is open only to students in the InterArts Program.

Arts Practice Courses
InterArts students are required to take two arts practice courses of their own choosing—in dance, theater, music, visual arts, creative writing, or film. If at all possible, students in the program take at least one of their arts practice courses during their first semester at Trinity.