How do I become a candidate for admission to the GHHG?
Each year, around mid-March, selected applicants for admission to Trinity are invited via email to become candidates for enrollment in the program. If you receive such an invitation and wish to be considered for possible participation in the program, you will receive a link to our application website.

Is the GHHG a major?
No. The GHHG is a special program that provides students with an introduction to health and the humanities and can help prepare students for a wide range of majors.

Is the GHHG for pre-med students?
While some GHHG students are considering careers in the medical and healthcare fields, there are a wide range of academic and career interests. GHHG students go on to major in the sciences, the humanities, and the social sciences. Their career goals include law, journalism, non-profit work, and diplomacy, as well as the medical professions.

Am I required to take a first-year seminar in addition to the GHHG seminar?
No. The first GHHG course, Global Health Humanities: an Introduction, serves as your first-year seminar. As in other first-year seminars, you will do intensive writing and revision, learn to use the Trinity library resources and participate in social events together.

What happens if I decide to drop out of the GHHG before completing it?
You may withdraw from the program at the end of any semester and you will receive full academic credit for those courses you have successfully completed up to that time. There is no penalty for withdrawal.

What recognition is accorded students who complete the GHHG?
When you successfully complete the GHHG, there will be a notation on your transcript. Students who complete an exemplary capstone experience and who have earned an A- average or higher in GHHG courses will have completed the GHHG with honors.