Funded Proposals

“Dreaming in Somali,” Stefanie Chambers (Political Science)

“The Atlas Network: Corporate Dark Money and World Politics,” Isaac Kamola (Political Science)

“The Insurgent Veins of Indigenismo,” Jose Carlos Diaz (Language and Culture Studies)

“Verna Gillis and Soundscape: Music from Everywhere,” Eric Galm (Music)

“Migrant Mobilities and the Post-Covid Indian City,” Shoshana Goldstein (Urban Studies)

“My Body as the Topic Coming Around Again,” Rebecca Pappas (Theater and Dance)

“Optimism in Archbishop William King’s De Origine Mali,” Todd Ryan (Philosophy)

“Palestinian Economic Pedagogy: Economic approaches in Palestinian academia and research,” Ibrahim Shikaki (Economics)





“Afra Geiger: an Intellectual Biography,” Shane Ewegen (Philosophy)

“Antarctica on Film, then and now,” Rosario Hubert (Language and Culture Studies)

“EcoMaterialities,” Diana Aldrete (Language and Culture Studies/Human Rights Studies)

“Tourism and National Identity in Northern Pakistan,” Shafqat Hussain (Anthropology)

“Analyzing the effectiveness of the new footprint based CAFE standard,” Rasha Ahmed (Economics)

“Disappearing Acts: Memory, Loss, and Erasure in the Fiction of Paria Korigan,” Karen Humphreys (Language and Culture Studies)

“Dreaming in Somali – A Documentary Film Project,” Stefanie Chambers (Political Science)

“Vema Gillis and ‘Soundscape’ Video Documentary Project,” Eric Galm (Music)

“To be (or not to be) translated: Ionesco and American Television,” Sara Kippur (Language and Culture Studies)

“Learning to Forgive: The Politics of Student Debt Relief Policy (Pilot Survey 2, with co-author Mallory SoRelle),” Serena Laws (Political Science)

“My Body as The Topic Coming Around Again,” Rebecca Pappas (Theater and Dance)

“Resolving Conjectures of TxGraffiti and New Results in Zero Forcing,” Houston Scheurger (Mathematics)

“The Politics of Police Violence in Latin America,” Hernan Flom (Political Science)

“Lobstering, lifestyles, and climate change: Cultural and economic values associated with declining lobster fisheries in Connecticut,” David Kurz (Environmental Science)

“From Athens to Akko: Evidence of Trade between Athenians and Phoenicians,” Martha Risser (Classical Studies)

“Prices negotiated between hospitals and private insurance companies,” Gerardo Ruiz Sanchez (Economics)

“English Translations of the Jewish Marriage Contract in England, Benjamin Steiner (Religion)

“Brain cell production, neuroglobin and the tolerance to low oxygen in South American electric fish,” Kent Dunlap (Biology)

“Mountain Climates – Mountain Soils: Developing a Soil-magnetic Climate Proxy for Alpine Regions,” Christoph Geiss (Environmental Science)

“Cultural Effects of Trophy Hunting in Pakistan,” Shafqat Hussein (Anthropology)

“Gendered Safety using Bike Lanes Under COVID-19,” Julie Gamble (Urban Studies)

“Investigation of Barriers and Incentives to the use of Extreme Risk Protection Orders in Connecticut,” Sarah Raskin (Neuroscience)

“Estimating Functional Distribution of Income in Palestine,” Ibrahim Shikaki (Economics)

“Adventure Media: Global Imaginations in the South American Press (1914-1945)” Rosario Hubert (Language and Culture Studies)

“Cultural Effect of Trophy Hunting Program in Northern Pakistan” Shafqat Hussain (Anthropology)

“Retrieving the Voice of the Margin: Multiplicities of Yamamba, or Japanese Yōkai” Katsuya Izumi (Language and Culture Studies)

“Embracing flow chemistry: A greener method for the synthesis of pyridones” Jo-Ann Jee (Chemistry)

“Antiquity as Decoration: Decoding the Bogu Motifs in Blue-and-white Porcelain Jars” Yunchiahn Sena (Art and Art History)

“Evolutionary Foundations of Psychopathology” Kari Theurer (Philosophy)

“Analysis of Transient Signals Using Generalized Eigensystems on Accelerated Processors” Peter Yoon (Computer Science)

“In Search of Sholay: The Aesthetics and Culture of Classical Bollywood Cinema” James Younger (English/Film Program)

“Islam in Our Midst–Countering Media Narratives with Ethno-Documentaries” Janet Bauer (International Studies).

“Navigating School Choice: Asian American Perspectives.” Elise Castillo (Educational Studies/ Public Policy).

“The Octopus and the Others: Sea Life in Eighteenth-Century Naples.” Sean Cocco (History).

“The Race and Class Politics of Sexuality in Contemporary France.” Blase Provitola (Philosophy; Language and Culture Studies).

“Imperial Wine: South Africa and the British World.” Jennifer Regan-Lefebvre (History).

“Southern Deserts – History, Change, and the Future. A Multi-Disciplinary Conference on the Deserts of Australia.” Gary Reger (History).​

“Sound Recording: Cuarteto Latinoamericano: DVXNS (String Quartet No. 3).” Dan Roman (Music).​​

“Made in Migration (MiM): A collaborative workshop on the visual and material culture of contemporary migration in Europe” Gabriella Soto (Graduate Program in American Studies).

“Evaluation of Uric Acid Metabolites as Biomarkers for Parkinson’s Disease” Bill Church (Chemistry and Neuroscience).

“Investigation of a Novel Organometallic System for Creating Beta-Sheet Peptides.” Timothy Curran (Chemistry).

“Brain cell production and the tolerance to low oxygen in Aferican electric fish.” Kent Dunlap (Biology).

“Martin Heidegger, Karl Lowith: Briefwechsel 1919-1973.” Shane Ewegen and Julia Assaiante (Philosophy; Language and Culture Studies).

“Forgotten Voices: Rediscovering the Researchers of the Brazillian Folklore Commission in the 1950s.” Eric Galm (Music).

“Cultural and Ecological Effects of Trophy Hunting in Pakistan.” Shafqat Hussain (Anthropology).​

“Evolutionary Foundations of Psychopathology.” Kari Theurer (Philosophy).

“Between Land and Death: Imagining Justice Through Mexican Literary Representation of Feminicidal Violence.” Dina Aldrete (Language and Culture Studies).

“Queer Temporality in Contemporary Arabic Literature, Film, and Social Media” Kifah Hanna (Language and Culture Studies).

“A Longitudinal Examination of Prescription Stimulant Misuse (PSM) After College: Predictors of PSM Persistence and Desistance.” Laura Holt (Psychology).

“Decolonizing Democracy’s College: Land Grant Universities, Settler Colonization, and the Cold War.” Isaac Kamola (Political Science).

“Willful Things: Sorcery, the Endangered, and Encountering Magic in Bénin.” Timothy Landry (Anthropology and Religious Studies).

“Dance of the Future.” Rebecca Pappas (Theater and Dance).​

“The Contradictions of In/security: Rescue Beacons in the South Texas Borderlands.” Gabriella Soto (Graduate Program in American Studies).

“Globalization and Chinese Youth Culture.” Yipeng Shen (Language and Culture Studies).

“Fleeing Nazi Germany–Exiles Crossing Boarders.” Johannes Evelein (Language and Culture Studies).

“Operatic Transmission in the Late 18th-Century: Giuseppe Sarti’s Fra i due litiganti.” John Platoff (Music).

“Teleoperation of Legged Disaster Response Robots.” Kevin Huang (Engineering).

“The Infastructure of Friendship: Making myths and publics in Pakistan.” Shafqat Hussain (Anthropology).

“Changing Perceptions of and about Underrepresented Groups in Computing.” Madalene Spezialetti (Computer Science).​

“Somalis in Sweden: Immigrant Incorporation in Three Cities.“Somalis in Sweden: Immigrant Incorporation in Three Cities.” Stefanie Chambers (Political Science).

“The Ideographic Imagination: Concrete Poetry, Transreation and the Chinese Script in Latin.” Rosario Hubert (Language and Culture Studies).

“Youth Subversive Consuption: Hip-Hop and Cultural Identityin Post-Socialist Tanzania 1985-2017.” Seth Markle (History and International Studies).

“The Effects of Income Taxation in Winner-Take-All Markets.” Nichole Szembrot (Economics).

“In the heat of the ‘moment’: Sexual consent attitudes practices, gendered power among male college students.“In the heat of the ‘moment’: Sexual consent attitudes practices, gendered power among male college students.” Tanetta Andersson (Sociology).

“Multi-Photon Coincidence Counting with an FPGA-Arduino.” David Branning (Physics).

“Identification of Purine Biomakers for Parkinson’s Disease using LC/MS Analysis.” Bill Church (Chemistry and Neuroscience).

“Is climate to blame for increased Lyme disease incidence in Connecticut? How Japanese barberry influences tick populations under future climate conditions.” Krista Ehlert (Environmental Science).

“Fleeing Nazi Germany – Exiles Crossing Borders.” Johannes Evelein (Language and Culture Studies).

“The Assassination of Ambassador Adolph Dubs and the Origins of the War on Terror.” Vijay Prashad (International Studies).

“From Athens to Akko: Evidence of Trade between Athenians and Phoenicians.” Martha Risser (Classics).

“Neural Control of the Withdrawal Escape Response of Snails.” Charles Swart (Neuroscience).

“AnonOTR: Anonymity Off-the-Record.” Ewa Syta (Computer Science).

“Race, Gender, and Community in Muslim Trinidad: The Video Tapes.” Janet Bauer (International Studies).

“Translation of Martin Heidegger’s Herklit.” Shane Ewegen (Philosophy and Classics) and Julia Goesser-Assainte (Language and Culture Studies).

“America’s Roman Space Epic: Reading Battlestar Galactica through Vergil’s Aeneid.” Meredith Safran (Classics).

“Globalization and Chinese Youth Culture.” Yipeng Shen (Language and Culture Studies & International Studies).

“Identification of Purine Biomarkers for Parkinson’s Disease using LC/MS Analysis.” William Church (Chemistry).

“An Investigation to Identify Noncanonical Proteins Present in Stress Granules of Budding Yeast.” Claire Fournier (Biology).

“Queer Temporality in Contemporary Arabic Literature, Film, and Social Media.” Kifah Hanna (Language and Culture Studies).

“Global Maoism: intellectual networks and translation flows between revolutionary China and Argentina 1950-1976.” Rosario Hubert (Language and Culture Studies).

“Understanding impact of compensation schemes on snow leopard population in Baltistan, Pakistan.” Shafqat Hussain (Anthropology).

“Understanding Rapid Urban Transformation: Interviews with Taxi Drivers in Yangon, Myanmar.” Beth Notar (Anthropology).

“The Humean Mind and The Oxford Handbook of Malebranche.” Todd Ryan (Philosophy).

“Becoming Citizens in(of) the Diaspora: Latino immigrant youth in Spain.” Andrea Dyrness (Educational Studies).

A translation of Martin Heidegger’s Heraklit (Heraclitus). Julia Assaiante (Language and Culture Studies) and Shane Ewegen (Philosophy and Classics).

“The Color Line and the Class Struggle: The Mexican Revolution, Internationalism, and the American Century.” Christina Heatherton (American Studies).

“Bankruptcy’s Private Bureaucrats: Assessing Regional Variation in the Delivery of Bankruptcy Relief At the Street Level.” Serena Laws (Political Science).

“Habitat Use, Spatial Partitioning, and Productivity of 3 Coexisting Raptors on a South Florida Cattle Ranch.” Joan L. Morrison (Biology).

“Improving our Understanding of Financial Risk with Survey Data and More Flexible Statistical Techniques.” Josh R. Stillwagon (Economics).

“Simplifying a Multi-Photon Coincidence Counting Unit.” David Branning (Physics).“Ultrafast Transmission Electron Microscopy at Trinity: Following Dynamics at the Atomic Scale.” Brett Barwick (Physics).

“The Epistolary Culture of the U.S. Civil War.” Chris Hager (English).

“Scepticism and Evil in Hume’s Dialogues concerning Natural Religion.” Todd Ryan (Philosophy).

“Does Fire Leave a Trace? (in the recent geographical record).” Christoph Geiss (Environmental Science).

“Recapturing Folklore: New Perspectives of the Brazilian National Folklore Commission in the 1950s.” Eric Galm (Music).

“Beyond the Passage of Time: Local Government Response and Immigrant Incorporation in New Destinations.” Abigail Fisher Williamson (Political Science and Public Policy and Law).

“The People’s Shaikh: Muhammad al Ghazzali and the Roots and Resilience of the Islamic Awakening.” Raymond Baker (International Studies).

“Reconsidering “Place” in the Americanization of Refugees in the Metro Hartford Area.” Janet Bauer (International Studies).

“Impact of Ketogenic Diet of Neurodegeneration in a Rat Model of Parkinson’s Disease.” William Church (Chemistry and Neuroscience).

“Investigation of a Novel, Cyclic Organometallic Molecule to create β-Sheet Peptides.” Tim Curran (Chemistry).

“Promoting Psychological and Physical Well-Being in College Students through Relationship Education.” Laura Holt (Psychology).

“Disorientations: Latin American Fictions of East Asia.” Rosario Hubert (Language and Culture Studies).

“Philosophical Foundations of the Social, Economic and Political Thought of Lloyd Best, Caribbean Intellectual and Activist.” Maurice Wade (Philosophy).

“In Search of Froylan Turcios: The Life and Times of Armando Mendez Fuentes (1925-2003.)” Dario Eraque (History and International Studies).

“Organization Transformation and its Effect on Obstetrical Patient Care.” Theresa Morris (Sociology).

“Patterns of Transmission in 18th-Century Opera: Guiseppe Sarti’s Fra I due litiganti.” John Platoff (Music).

“Vincent d’Indy, musician artiste.” Gail Woldu (Music).

“Species Identification of the Bacteria Colonizing the Upper Respiratory Tract: A Comparison Between Asthmatic and Healthy Children.” Lisa-Anne Foster (Biology).

“Doing Less Harm and More Good- Managing Invasive Plants on Connecticut’s Coastline.” Cameron Douglass (Environmental Science).

“Observing the Quantized Exchange of orbital Angular Momentum Between Free Electrons and Photons”. Brett Barwick (Physics).

“Somali Incorporation: A Tale of Two Cities.” Stefanie Chambers (Political Science).

“Delight-Makers and Mudheads: The Disruptive Clowns of the Hopi and Zuni.” Lesley Farlow (Theater and Dance).

“Use of Prospective Memory Performance to Predict Onset of Dementia.” Sarah Raskin (Psychology and Neuroscience).

“Sacred Space at the Bridge of the Untiring Sea.” Martha Risser (Classics).