Trinity students interested in teaching and youth work are encouraged to explore different pathways that match their current experience and personal goals. As a first step, the Educational Studies faculty strongly recommend that you enroll in our introductory Educ 200: Analyzing Schools course, which integrates coursework with a three-hour-per-week participant-observation placement in a nearby Hartford public school classroom.

Make an appointment with the Director of Educational Studies to discuss which of these pathways might be a good match for you:

  1. Mentoring and tutoring opportunities with Hartford youth, sponsored by Trinity’s Office of Community Service and Civic Engagement.
  2. Public school teacher preparation via the University of Saint Joseph consortial program, while earning your Trinity undergraduate degree.
  3. Public school teacher preparation programs by state (including alternate route, teacher residency, and grad school) after receiving your Trinity undergraduate degree.
  4. Private school or international school teaching positions, which do not require state-approved certification.

Educational Studies also hosts events for recent alumni to share advice about their different pathways with current Trinity students:

Ed Studies alumni panelists with Professor Jack Dougherty