The Educational Studies faculty congratulates seven senior majors from the Class of 2023 who successfully presented their thesis research at our December 13th event. Six additional senior majors will present their work at a similar event scheduled for May. We thank faculty from other departments and programs who served as additional guest evaluators. Learn more about our process for supporting and evaluating undergraduate research on the Educational Studies learning goals page.

Mia Fusco ’23, “Parents’ Experiences with Traditional Classroom Integration for Students with Disabilities”
Emma McGraw ’23, “Experiences, Beliefs, and Barriers Surrounding English Language Learners in San Diego Elementary Schools”
Sihan Zhang ’23, “International Students’ Preparation and College Performance”
Alberlis Hernandez ’23, “Student Experience with the Second-Language Requirement at Trinity”
Yusong Chen ’23, “Anti-Racist Education Assessment in Hartford Schools”
Ava Ravitz ’23, “Parental Advocacy at School Board Meetings in Hartford vs. West Hartford Public Schools”
Azka Hassan ’23, “The Maldivian Language Loss Predicament: Language loss through the lens of students”