The Educational Studies faculty congratulates nine senior majors from the Class of 2024 who successfully presented their thesis research at our December 14th event. Eight additional senior majors will present their work at a similar event scheduled for May. We thank faculty from other departments and programs who served as additional guest evaluators. Learn more about our process for supporting and evaluating undergraduate research on the Educational Studies learning goals page.

Hallie Bachman ’24, “Evaluating How Rhetoric Around Real Estate Relates to Urban Schooling”
Lauren Bessette ’24, “Health Educators’ Perceptions of Comprehensive Sex Education”
Sophia Jones ’24, “Language Positioning Within Peer Discourse in Dual Language Classrooms”
Teddy Komjathy ’24, “Evaluation into the Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunities (METCO)”
Xavier Mercado ’24, “In-Class Engagement and Trinity College Classrooms: The Student of Color Experience”
Peter Muise ’24, “Student Participation and Engagement During and After Online Learning”
Kennedy Rogers, “Transitional Periods of Individuals with Autism: A Parental Perspective on Services”
Claire Sabbe ’24, “Questions of Quality and Inclusion: Exploring Elementary Social Studies Content on Teachers Pay Teachers”
Maria Vicuña ’24, “Parent Experiences Navigating the Hartford Youth Scholars Program Application”