The Educational Studies faculty congratulates six senior majors from the Class of 2023 who successfully presented their thesis research at our May 5th event. Six additional senior majors previously presented their work at a similar event in December. We thank faculty from other departments and programs who served as additional guest evaluators. Learn more about our process for supporting and evaluating undergraduate research on the Educational Studies learning goals page.

Catherine Doyle ’23, “Outdoor Programming in Higher Education: Exploring Goals and Sense of Community in the Trinity College Quest Program”
Hannah Tjalsma ’23, “Special Education Teacher Perceptions in the Nature of Resources and Effectiveness of Respective Programs Across Contexts”
Sarah Hunt ’23, “Gender Stereotypes and Representation of Women in Roald Dahl’s Books”
Erica Desmond ’23, “The Effects of Trinity College’s Campus Culture on The Social and Academic Lives of Queer Male Students”
Jiwen Fan ’23, “Exploring The Impact of the Pandemic on the Mental Health of Chinese International Students in the Classes of 2023 and 2024 at Trinity College”
Shelley Xia ’23, “How Trinity Students’ Time Use Affects Their Mental Health”