The Economics Department is pleased to share the news that Haroldo L. Nesbeth has been accepted to the American Economic Association Summer Program. This program is designed to prepare participants for PhD programs in Economics. The program will be held on the campus of Howard University from May 26 to July 24, 2022.

Haroldo was born in Los Angeles, CA and is a first-generation college student. He has been signing in a choir for eight years and wrestled for six. Interestingly, Haroldo came to Trinity as a wrestling recruit and quickly developed a new passion to study the intersection between race and economics.

His acceptance into this prestigious program will be very helpful since Haroldo plans to pursue a PhD in Economics. Eventually, he would like to use his knowledge to come up with effective solutions for alleviating economic inequality in neighborhoods, communities, and schools like his own. Haroldo feels privileged to be attending an institution like Trinity College.  However, he feels this is not the case for all black and minority students, therefore it is his goal to pay it forward.

We wish Haroldo the best of luck in this new endeavor!