Every academic year, the faculty of economics awards economics majors a number of awards and honors in recognition of their academic, athletic and extracurricular work. The following awards were granted for the 2019/2020 academic year.

The G. Keith Funston award was established in honor of G. Keith Funston, a member of the Class of 1932, by his family. Mr. Funston, a former President of Trinity College, is a Charter Trustee of the College. The prize is awarded annually to seniors majoring in economics who were outstanding scholars and are actively involved in the life of the College. This year, twelve students received the award: Tarek Abdallah, Cole Wright, Alejandra Pardos Lopez-Blanco, Patrick O’Sullivan, Jillian Winer, Hanae Bouazza, Mary Tursi, Gao Weishuang, Andrew Jia Hao Lee, Nicole Quinlan, Elena Pellegrini, and Bora Zaloshnja.

The Faculty of Economics Award is presented annually to a graduating senior majoring in economics who, by vote of the Faculty of Economics, is considered to have demonstrated the greatest promise as a professional economist. This year two students shared the award: Hanae Bouazza and Elena Pellegrini.

The John C. Alexander Memorial Award is presented annually to a senior economics major who is a member of a varsity squad and who has demonstrated the most academic progress during his/her Trinity career. Four students received the award this year: Daniel McEntee, Andrew Jia Hao Lee, Devan Walsh, and Michael Dion.

The Ferguson Prize is presented annually to a senior for the best thesis in Economics. The first place prizewinner was Elena Pellegrini and the second place winner was Mary Tursi.

The Peter J. Schaefer Memorial Prize was established by the classmates of Peter J. Schaefer, Class of 1964, to memorialize his name. It is awarded to the freshmen who has achieved the highest grades in introductory economics in the preceding academic year. This year two students won the award: Mohammad Rayan Ali and Daniel J. Nesbitt.

Finally, Honors in the economics major are bestowed to those who meet the following criteria: (1) completed ECON 301 and ECON 302 with an average grade of B+ or better, with neither grade lower than a B; (2) an average grade of B+ or better in all economics courses taken at Trinity, with a grade of A- or better in at least half of those courses; and (3) completed ECON 498-499, a senior thesis, with a grade of A- or better and ECON 402-403. This year, four students received the Honors: Elena Pellegrini, Mary Tursi, Cole Wright, and Bora Zaloshnja.