The anthropology major requires 11 courses with a minimum grade of C-, including:

  • Five core courses.
    • ANTH 101. Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
    • ANTH 300. Junior Seminar
    • ANTH 301. Ethnographic Methods and Writing
    • ANTH 302. History of Anthropological Thought
    • ANTH 401. Advanced Seminar in Contemporary Anthropology
  • Two ethnographic courses. Examples include:
    • ANTH 228. Anthropology from the Margins of South Asia
    • ANTH 243. Latin American and Caribbean Religions
    • ANTH 305. Identities in Britain and Ireland
  • Electives: Four electives in anthropology or in cognate subjects. At least one of these must be at the 300 level. Examples include:
    • ANTH 207. Anthropological Perspectives on Women and Gender
    • ANTH 215. Medical Anthropology
    • ANTH 227. Introduction to Political Ecology
    • ANTH 238. Economic Anthropology
    • ANTH 245. Anthropology and Global Health
    • ANTH 308. Anthropology of Place

The Writing Intensive Part II requirement may be fulfilled by taking a 300- or 400-level course in anthropology.

Students considering a major in Anthropology are strongly advised to take both ANTH 300. Junior Seminar in Contemporary Anthropology and ANTH 301. Ethnographic Methods and Writing in their sophomore or junior years. Juniors studying away in the Spring semester should take the Junior seminar in their Sophomore year instead. Students must consult with their adviser to determine the exact mix of courses that will meet their particular objectives.


Internships: The department is a strong supporter of both half-credit exploratory and full-credit academic internships. Students have undertaken academic internship projects including studies of the anthropology of policy while working in the CT Lieutenant Governor’s office; readings on the anthropology of museums while interning at the Wadsworth Atheneum; and exploring the anthropology of digital media while interning in the communications office for the Lego Group.

Study away: The department urges, but does not require, its students to study away for one or two semesters. Some programs offer courses the department recognizes as creditworthy toward the major: examples include Trinity programs in Capetown, and non-Trinity programs at SOAS in London, Edinburgh, the University of London, Bogaziçi University in Istanbul, DIS in Copenhagen, and Australian National University. Some students remain abroad following their program courses to collect data for a subsequent honors thesis project. Early consultation with the department chair is advised for any student who wishes to study away and intends to take courses that could count toward the major.

Honors: In order to be eligible for honors in anthropology, students must have a B+ grade average in the major. Students who wish to qualify for honors must write a two-credit senior thesis. The first credit is based on a one-semester independent study in the fall of their senior year. Following the successful completion of the independent study, and with approval from the department, students may register for a one credit senior thesis in the spring. Honors will be awarded to students who have an A- or better on their thesis and who have maintained at least a B+ grade average in the major.