Our Student Recruitment Ambassadors (SRAs) are here to give you the inside scoop about life at Trinity! From campus tours to connecting with prospective students, our SRAs are excited to share what they love most about the unique qualities of our campus.

Connect with Maggie! Maggie Amaral, Class of ’24
Hometown: Pennington, NJ
Majors: American Studies and Hispanic Studies
Fun Fact: I had two goats named peanut butter and jelly growing up!
Why Trinity: Trinity is a place where I can explore my academic interests and discover new passions!
Connect with Stella! Stella Austin, Class of ’26
Hometown: Littleton, MA
Majors: Psychology and Sociology
Fun Fact: I know American Sign Language!
Why Trinity: I chose Trinity College because it offers a wide range of academic programs, a supportive community, and opportunities for personal growth. Plus, being in Hartford allows me to experience a vibrant city while still having a close-knit college atmosphere.
Connect with Emmy! Emmy Barry, Class of ’27
Hometown: Springfield, IL
Major: International Studies
Fun Fact: I have a twin brother.
Why Trinity: The opportunities to balance my academics with extracurriculars, and the ability to do research.
Connect with Savannah! Savannah Brooks, Class of ’26
Hometown: Crofton, MD
Major: History
Fun Fact: I can name all of the presidents in order!
Why Trinity: I chose Trinity because I wanted a small liberal arts school with a strong humanities focus in an urban setting. Trinity also has given me very generous merit aid. Hartford is a wonderful city and I knew I needed somewhere with plenty of snow in the winter!
Connect with Francois! Francois Carpe Elias, Class of ’26
Hometown: Metapan, El Salvador
Major: Computer Science
Fun Fact: I love soccer! In fact, I have a soccer jersey collection!
Why Trinity:  I wanted a college that would let me explore things and make me step out of my comfort zone, and Trinity was a great place for me to challenge myself!
Connect with Rhiju! Rhiju Chakraborty, Class of ’27
Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI
Major: Undeclared (Biology and English)
Fun Fact: I wrote a book!
Why Trinity: The interdisciplinary approach to academics is perfect for someone like me who doesn’t like to be boxed in and has several interests.
Connect with Christopher! Christopher Del Cristo, Class of ’25
Hometown: Clarksburg, NJ
Major: Italian Studies
Fun Fact: I speak Italian!
Why Trinity: I chose Trinity because of the amazing academics, the outstanding kindness of each person through the admissions process, and the ability to thrive in the classroom while still filling other major roles on campus.
Connect with Tanner! Tanner Eccleston, Class of ’25
Hometown: Pottstown, PA
Major: Psychology
Fun Fact: Taylor Swift went to my middle school!
Why Trinity: I wanted to a small school with lots of opportunity in a city like Hartford!
Connect with Emily! Emily Fox, Class of ’26
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Major: Public Policy & Law
Fun Fact: I was born in London, England.
Why Trinity: What drew me to Trinity was how students are encouraged by professors to explore as many subject areas as they want, instead of limiting their studies to one field. I was able to take courses across multiple departments until I was able to find a field I am really passionate about.
Connect with Caroline! Caroline Frederick, Class of ’24
Hometown: Louisville, KY
Major: Theater & Dance
Fun Fact: I hosted an exchange student from the Netherlands my junior year of high school.
Why Trinity: I chose Trinity because of its unique positionality as a liberal arts college within a city. I felt there would be learning opportunities here that I wouldn’t be able to experience elsewhere.
Connect with Noelle! Noelle Hanson, Class of ’26
Hometown: Bronxville, NY
Major: Public Policy & Law
Fun Fact: I love R&B & Rap music, and my favorite artists are SZA and J.Cole!
Why Trinity: I chose Trinity because I love the diversity and inclusion as well as the very welcoming community it offers! Also because they have a really good Public Policy and Law program!
Connect with Antonia! Antonia Kambolis, Class of ’26
Hometown: West Orange, NJ
Major: Political Science
Fun Fact: My zodiac sign is libra.
Why Trinity: I wanted a small school with great academics and a vibrant social environment. When I visited, it just felt like the right place for me!
Connect with Olivia! Olivia Kyriakides, Class of ’26
Hometown: Duxbury, MA
Majors: Economics and Political Science
Fun Fact: My favorite things to do are play golf and go to the beach with my dog Buzz!
Why Trinity: My older sister graduated from Trinity in 2021. During her time at Trinity, I would visit often and hear stories about her and her friends’ experiences on campus. When I was applying to schools, I thought back to all that they shared with me and could really imagine myself as a Trinity student!
Connect with Daphne! Daphne Lasher, Class of ’25
Hometown: Marin County, CA
Major: Neuroscience
Fun Fact: I studied abroad in Barcelona this past semester!
Why Trinity: I chose Trinity because the school empowers students to not only excel academically and socially, but also pushes them to grow as individuals and allows them to explore every avenue they are interested in.
Connect with Sophia! Sophia Lobkowicz, Class of ’24
Hometown: Prague, Czech Republic
Majors: American Studies and Religious Studies
Fun Fact: I have my scuba diving license!
Why Trinity: I wanted a smaller liberal arts school where I could get to know my professors, and have smaller seminar-based classes where I could engage in discussions with my peers. I also loved that Trinity has a nice campus, but is located in a city, so I could get the best of both worlds.
Connect with Diana! Diana Martinez Lee, Class of ’24
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Majors: Public Policy & Law and Human Rights Studies
Fun Fact: I was a competitive figure skater for nine years!
Why Trinity: I chose Trinity College because I was impressed with how many people study away here. I have always wanted to study away, and I got the opportunity to study in Nepal, Jordan, and Chile during my junior spring semester.
Connect with Lily! Lily Mellitz, Class of ’26
Hometown: Guildford, CT
Major: English
Fun Fact: I am adopted from China!
Why Trinity: I wanted to be seen and heard as a POC woman on a small liberal arts campus and I feel like Trinity’s DEI team has a stronger presence than other schools.
Connect with Tshepo! Tshepo Molotja, Class of ’26
Hometown: Polokwane, Limpopo, South Africa
Fun Fact: I can speak 4 languages!
Why Trinity: Trinity College was the most suitable “home away from home” option for me. It not only provided financial and educational security, but it offered me so many opportunities beyond school to help cultivate me into the best version of myself and ensure a successful future post graduation.
Connect with Thomas! Thomas Mullane, Class of ’25
Hometown: Warwick, RI
Major: American Studies
Fun Fact: My favorite cut of pasta is angel hair.
Why Trinity: Trinity provides me the opportunity to explore all of my various educational interests without limiting me to a specific field of study.
Connect with Halanda! Halanda Nguyen, Class of ’26
Hometown: Danbury, CT
Major: Neuroscience
Fun Fact: When I was 3, I memorized a book my dad would read to me for my bedtime story and tricked my entire family into thinking I knew how to read!
Why Trinity: I love being able to explore Hartford in my free time, and being located near many amazing hospitals and research facilities allows me to have many cool research opportunities!
Connect with Junny! Junny Nguyen, Class of ’26
Hometown: Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
Major: Neuroscience
Fun Fact: I’m a huge Kpop fan!
Why Trinity: I was excited about the possibilities of majors that I can try here at Trinity from Neuroscience, Psychology to Educational Studies, and Religious Studies. I remember the conversation that I had with my alumni interviewer about how despite not being a dance major, she could take dance classes here at Trinity.
Connect with Natalie! Natalie Oloughlin, Class of ’24
Hometown: Halfmoon, NY
Major: Urban Studies
Fun Fact: I am a leader for the pre-orientation hiking, rock climbing, and canoeing program called Quest!
Why Trinity: I knew from the moment I stepped on campus Trinity was the right fit for me. The academics, athletics, and opportunities have truly made my college experience.
Connect with Hanna! Hanna Saffi, Class of ’26 
Hometown: Paraguay
Major: Computer Science
Fun Fact: I have a turtle named Oreo
Why Trinity: I chose Trinity because it was the perfect place for me to major in CS, while continue pursuing my passion for music, doing a minor, and also joining clubs and organizations!
Connect with Claire! Claire Schrecengost, Class of ’25
Hometown: Orlando, FL
Major: Sociology
Fun Fact: I have 11 chickens, including a bantam!
Why Trinity: Trinity has many communities within its walls through its clubs and tight-knit academic programs. What really stood out to me are programs that Trinity has that helps support its students, like the Emergency Equity Fund and offering free counseling to all students.
Connect with Ally! Ally Schwartzberg, Class of ’25
Hometown: Montclair, NJ
Majors: Psychology
Fun Fact: In high school I was the captain of the bowling team!
Why Trinity: Trinity is the best of everything in one small and manageable campus: smart people from around the world who think big, and teachers who care deeply about what you learn!
Connect with Sofia! Sofia Tonon, Class of ’26
Hometown: Curitiba, Brazil
Majors: International Studies and Engineering
Fun Fact: I know how to identify planets and stars in the sky!
Why Trinity: When I visited campus, my family and I felt really welcomed by everyone and I knew I would have great support as an international student. Trinity also offers an amazing liberal arts curriculum, where I am able to pursue my interest both in STEM and humanities and have a really close relationships with professors!
Connect with Jeremias! Jeremias Vazquez, Class of ’25
Hometown: Itaugua, Paraguay
Major: Psychology
Fun Fact: I speak three languages: Spanish, English, and a native language, Guarani!
Why Trinity: I chose Trinity because it is located within an urban city, where the school combines a great Liberal Arts Education and a close knit community!
Connect with Himena! Himena Yamane, Class of ’26
Hometown: New York, NY
Major: Economics
Fun Fact: I don’t have a drivers license!
Why Trinity: Trinity has a great campus culture and allows students to be apart of many extracurricular activities and clubs.
Connect with Beatrice! Beatrice Yue, Class of ’26
Hometown: Qingdao, China
Majors: Psychology and Political Science
Fun Fact: I have a cat that weighs 16 pounds!
Why Trinity: I was planning to major in Political Science and Trinity’s location in Hartford, Connecticut’s capital city, offers great internship opportunities that allow you to gain practical experiences!