The Trinity Plus Curriculum, introduced in fall 2021, provides opportunities for applied and experiential real-world learning experiences while maintaining the strength of Trinity’s core liberal arts education. For a full description and information about the new curriculum, visit the Dean of Faculty’s website.

A one page overview of the Trinity Plus Curriculum that may be useful when advising students can be found here.

Wellness Requirement

Students must complete 4 wellness experiences, at least one from each category:

1.     Mind, Body, & Spirit

2.     Community Health & Responsibility

3.  Civic & Environmental Engagement


The Wellness Requirement policy for transfer students is as follows:

  • The Wellness Requirement will be prorated for transfer students (for example, a student entering Trinity in the Junior year would be required to complete two Wellness experiences).
    1. Senior Transfers will require 1 Wellness Experience
    2. Junior Transfers will require 2 Wellness Experiences (from different categories)
  • Sophomore Transfers will require 3 Wellness Experiences (from different categories)