Multicultural Affairs About Us

Mission of Multicultural Affairs at Trinity College:

Multicultural Affairs has been established to enhance Trinity's efforts to tap the full educational and social benefits of a culturally diverse community. 

Multicultural Affairs serves as a resource to the college community and is responsible for promoting multicultural engagement and diversity among students, staff, and faculty. 

Multicultural Affairs Goals:

1. Promote student leadership, offer advice, support, and referral to individuals and advising for groups.

2. Advise and mentor students organizations leaders, encouraging students to be active community members with a strong sense of personal responsbility and accountability. 

3. Support and evalute student recruitment and retention strategies

4. Review the campus social/cultural environment and student satisfaction, promoting change where is needed.

5. Collaborate with students, faculty, and administrators in developing academic and mentoring programs. 

6. Collaborate with the Queer Resource Center in promoting a safe environment for LGBTQ+ students. 

7. Collaboraye with WGRAC in promotion healthy social, power based interactions. 

Multicultural Affairs connection to Summit; Trinity Strategic Plan:

See the full Summit here

- Learning goals that address academic, personal, and leadership development

- First-year pre-orientation programming that leads to academic success, intellectual risk taking, balance, and civil engagement

- Effectively convey the Trinity sotry to propsective students, faculty, and staff. 

- Aids in reducing financial barriers for students to access the full Trinity educational experience. 

- Enhance resources to support the diverse community.

- Develop learning opportunities for cross-cultural understanding and bridge divides in the classroom.

- Reduce barries to connect classroom learning to experiential learning.

- Multicultural Affairs works towards meeting other important Summit goals!