Multicultural Affairs Office

Trinity seeks to achieve preeminence as a college that prepares students for civic participation and leadership in the city and in the world. Enhancing diversity among students, staff, and faculty and promoting a climate that values—even celebrates—both our many differences and our fundamental humanity are key if we hope to fulfill our mission.

The Office of Multicultural Affairs is central to this effort.  The office promotes intercultural dialogue and creates initiatives to promote a campus environment that respects and celebrates diversity in all its dimensions, including but not limited to differences of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and physical ability. 

The office’s goal is to weave multiculturalism into the institutional fabric of Trinity College.  This means helping to recruit and sustain a diverse student body, faculty and staff; assisting faculty as they seek to infuse the curriculum with a greater emphasis on diversity and multiculturalism; and supporting students as they devise their own mechanisms of support and endeavor to deepen their knowledge and appreciation of themselves and others.

Anita Davis, Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, plays a key leadership role in developing critical multicultural initiatives at the College; but the responsibility for achieving Trinity's goals rests with all of us.  We all share responsibility for making Trinity a more diverse community that is both welcoming to and supportive of everyone.