Tax documents 1098T available for 2023 tax year

The Form 1098T Tuition Statement for tax year 2023 is available through TC on line Self Service for all students who are eligible for this document.  Hard copies were also mailed to students’ home address on file as of print date.  Please discuss with your family in case they are seeking access to this form for filing a US income tax return for 2023 year.

Information on Education Tax credits can be found on the IRS website

The Student Accounts Office staff cannot answer tax related questions or give tax advice.

Students whose awarded grants and scholarships equal or exceed billed tuition and fees for Fall 2023 /Spring 2024 do not get a 1098T form.  If you do not have a valid ssn/ITIN on file as of 1/29/24 date a form will not be issued.

International students on student Visa status also do not get a 1098T form issued unless they or parents are filing a US tax return for 2023 year.  Please contact [email protected] to request a 1098T form if you fall into this category.

For questions, please send email to [email protected]