There is a pressing social need for talented English language arts teachers, and students who want to respond to that call can prepare themselves by completing the Writing Pedagogy certificate. Through academic study and practical experience, you will learn strategies to engage and support developing writers. The certificate entails two academic credits—a writing-intensive or workshop-based course in ENGL or RHET, and a course about the history or theory of literacy and pedagogy (RHET 302, “Writing Theories and Practices”; ENGL 318, “Literacy and Literature”; RHET 406/ENGL 806, “Composition Pedagogy”)—and a co-curricular credit as a Teaching Assistant for an ENGL or RHET course, or as a First-Year Mentor for an ENGL or RHET faculty member.

Credit 1:
ENGL 260
ENGL 270
200-level RHET course

Credit 2:
RHET 302 – Writing Theories and Practices
ENGL 318 – Literacy and Literature
RHET 406/ENGL 806 – Composition Pedagogy

Credit 3:
TAship for an ENGL or RHET course
A term as a First Year Mentor for an ENGL or RHET faculty member


For more information, students should contact Professor Christopher Hager or Professor Tennyson O’Donnell.