Students in the Using Second Language Skills in a STEM Context Experience certificate program will bring their foreign language skills to bear on the expansion of their work in a STEM field, thereby opening new avenues of STEM contributions for these students and a strengthening of their language skills. The goal of this certificate is to encourage students to use their skills in a second language in the context of their studies in STEM. Students will gain knowledge and skills through courses in a second language and a course in STEM and the certificate will culminate in a co-curricular experience in which students put their language skills to use in STEM. Examples of co-curricular experiences include a research experience that requires facility in a language, an internship that’s part of a study away program, a STEM-related internship in Hartford, a STEM-related translation project, or a STEM-related Language Across the Curriculum course – the key is that the experience require the student’s language experience and their STEM background.

LACS Pre-requisite:
Students must have completed a 202 or higher language course successfully (B+ or higher) or prove that they are familiar with the foreign language at that level before beginning experiential components.

Credit 1: 
A 300-level course or higher in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) department/program course to be approved by STEM certificate coordinator and department/program chair

Credit 2:
A 300-level course or higher in a language- course to be approved by LACS certificate coordinator and language section head (or faculty supervisor if in the LACS Dept.) OR a 300-level LATN or GREK course approved by CLAS certificate coordinator.

Credit 3:
A 1.0 credit (or two 0.5-credit) internship or experiential co-curricular experience that puts the student’s language skills to use in a STEM context.


For more information, students should contact Professor Alison Draper or Professor Julia Assaiante.