Technical theater production is an area in the professional arts sector that places high demand on individuals who can engage deeply as collaborators, problem solvers and action-oriented team members working within highly dynamic environments. This field can also be a reliable source of lifelong employment for individuals with corresponding expertise; noteworthy in a notoriously volatile industry. In the Technical Theater Production Certificate, creative problem-solving and practical, hands-on skills will be developed and enhanced through a range of activities. Students will observe and collaborate with multidisciplinary teams, generate ideas, source materials, design and execute plans, evaluate solutions and develop creative agency.

Credit 1: Coursework (1.0 units)
THDN 213 – Theatrical Lighting: Design and Production
THDN 225 – Interactive Media
THDN 241 – Costume Design
MUSC 270 – Synthesis and Sound Design
THDN 325 – Media Performance Laboratory

Credit 2: Co-curricular experiences (1.0 units)
THDN 309 – Stage Production (Technical Theater – Stage Management)
THDN 309 – Stage Production (Technical Theater – Assistant Design)

Students may repeat either course twice for 1.0 units

Credit 3: Internship(s) (1.0 units)
Students will complete a relevant internship(s) that continues the development of technical production skills. Students may propose other internships to the Department of Theater and Dance for consideration and approval. Students can complete two 0.5 units in internships or one 1.0 units in internships.

Technical Theater Production internship at one of numerous local professional theater companies:
HartBeat Ensemble
Hartford Stage
TheaterWorks Hartford
Technical Theater Production internship organized through Trinity/LaMaMa Study Away program in NYC

For more information, students should contact Professor Peter Kyle or Professor Mitchell Polin.