Are you seeking to showcase your creativity? Do you have a message you’re passionate about spreading? This certificate invites students to think shrewdly and work imaginatively to engage and inspire audiences, in preparation for digital-age careers as creative directors, arts and non-profit administrators, journalists, and public relations or marketing professionals. Through academic coursework, you will hone the techniques of a creative genre (such as poetry, literary nonfiction, or film) or develop your ability to think critically about media and cultural production. Then you’ll gain experience in the practical applications of those skills through internships in publishing, journalism, the arts, communications, marketing, public relations, or related areas.

Completion of this certificate requires two co-curricular internship experiences, normally in different placements, and one academic course.

Credit 1: 
A 300-level creative-writing course (ENGL 333, 334, 335, or 336, or THDN 305 or 393) OR an upper-level course that considers the history of media by emphasizing the production, circulation, and/or reception of written or filmic texts (ENGL 305, 310, 329, 340, 343, 347, 354, 358, 381, 409, 427 or an equivalent course approved by the department chair)

Credits 2 and 3: 
An internship in publishing, journalism, the arts, communications, marketing, public relations, social media, or related areas

An additional internship in a different placement or at the same placement as the first internship but with substantively different responsibilities


For more information, students should contact Professor Christopher Hager or Professor Sarah Bilston.