Students completing the Film Programming and Curation Certificate will apply their knowledge to creating a film series, festival, or other event or screening. They will also apply their critical understanding of different kinds of film (such as documentary, fictional narrative, or experimental) from FILM 265 and another film studies course to a cocurricular experience. Students can fulfill the one-credit co-curricular experience through an internship, study away, an independent study, FILM 210- Film Aesthetics in Practice or FREN 151- French Film Festival (both of which culminate in film festivals). Students will work as assistants, interns, or volunteers for theaters, libraries, non-profit entities, festivals, arthouse cinemas, or film archives in fulfillment of this requirement.

Credit 1:
FILM/ENGL 265 – Introduction to Film Studies

Credit 2:
Students must take a course from one of the following categories. This course must be approved by the certificate faculty advisor prior to registration.

National Cinemas and Topics in Film History
Film Theory and Topics in Criticism

Credit 3: 
The co-curricular experience can be fulfilled by successfully completing (Grade B- or higher) one full credit from the following options:

FILM 210 – Film Aesthetics in Practice
FREN 151 – French Film Festival

Or, the student may create an experience that involves a significant film programming and curation component and be pre-approved by the certificate faculty advisor.

An internship or activity with an external partner
Study abroad
Summer Fellowship
Student designed initiative (e.g. local film festival, library film series, partnership with Cinestudio)


For more information, students should contact Professor Karen Humphreys or Professor Madalene Spezialetti.