Design thinking is a powerful tool. By developing design thinking skills, students will become more creative problem-solvers. With that in mind, students will be empowered to embrace and facilitate innovation to affect real, lasting change. In the Design Thinking Certificate, creative problem-solving skills will be developed and enhanced through a range of activities. Students will learn to use empathy to understand and connect with problems, break down large problems into smaller pieces to solve, explore options, and test prototypes. Students will observe and collaborate with multidisciplinary teams, generate ideas, create rapid prototypes, reflect, and evaluate solutions.

Credit 1: 
AHIS 364 – Architectural Drawing
AHIS 365 – Elements of Architectural Design
COLL 214 – Designing Your Future Work
CPSC 310 – Software Design
ENGR 210 – Mathematical Tools for Engineering Analysis and Design
FORG 231 – Workshop in Immersive Entrepreneurship
FORG 291 – Entrepreneurship and Markets
THDN 215 – Making Dances
THDN 225 – Interactive Media
THDN 271 – Examining and Reimagining Contemporary U.S Arts Ecologies
URST 219 – Comparative Planning Perspectives

Credit 2: 
CCUR 200 – Design Thinking for Innovation
COLL 237 – Designing Your Life
FYSM 110 – Designing Your Future Work Mentor

Credit 3: 
Students will complete a relevant internship(s) that continues the development of problem-solving, creativity, brainstorming/ideation, and/or user research skills. Students can complete two .50 units in internships or one 1.00 units in internships that satisfies the aforementioned skill development.

For more information, students should contact Professor Ewa Syta.