Clinical neuroscience certificate for students interested in health care or graduate school in a field related to neuroscience, including neurology, psychiatry, physical or occupational therapy, and clinical psychology. Students would be required to take

Credit 1:
One of the courses that fulfills the Clinical/Cognitive track in neuroscience
PHIL 226 – Neuroscience, Ethics, and Agency
PHIL 244 – The Music of Thought
PHIL 374 – Minds and Brains
PHIL 378 – Philosophy of Mind
PSYC 293L – Perception
PSYC 334 – Current Issues in Cognition
PSYC 339 – Developmental Psychopathology
PSYC 348 – Focusing the Mind: The Psychology of Attention
PSYC 364 – Neuropsychopharmacology
PSYC 365 – Cognitive and Social Neuroscience
PSYC 391 – Psychology of Language
PSYC 392 – Human Neuropsychology

Credit 2:
One semester of research in a human neuroscience setting either on or off-campus (Ayers Neuroscience Institute, Institute of Living, UConn or permission of coordinator)

Credit 3:
One community learning experience in neuroscience either as part of a class, part of CHER, or as a volunteer/internship experience approved by the coordinator.

Note that only one credit can be used to count for both this certificate and the major.

For more information, students should contact Professor Sarah Raskin.