Through the experiential certificate in Archaeological Fieldwork, students develop skills in interdisciplinary archaeological research. On the Trinity college campus, they choose from a selection of courses on the study of archaeology and material culture. Through archaeological projects they learn the practice of archaeology through hands-on instruction and participation.

In order to earn this Experiential Certificate, students must complete:

Credits 1 and 2: Academic Credits
Two approved archaeology course at Trinity College. Examples of approved courses include:
CLCV 111 Introduction to Classical Art and Archaeology
CLCV 214 Greek and Roman Architecture
CLCV 216 Archaeological Method & Theory
CLCV 218 Archaeology of the Holy Land
CLCV 222 Ancient Mediterranean Cities
CLCV 227 Drinking, Dining, & Community in Classical Antiquity
CLCV 317 Politics of Mediterranean Art

Credit 3: Co-curricular Credit
One archaeological field work experience:
CLCV 300
CLCV 399 in collaboration with Professor Risser
Archaeological field work experience approved by Professor Risser

Archaeological field work experience examples:
College Years in Athens

Contact Professor Martha Risser with any questions.