Who We Are

Daniel Douglas – Director of Social Science Research and Lecturer in Sociology 

As an instructor, Professor Douglas believes that research should be taught as a living process. In that spirit, he teaches theories and principles, and then applies these in the context of empirical data and real-world situations. Likewise, he teaches research methods as collaborative endeavor – in which obstacles encountered in the process of doing research are used as opportunities for learning.


What We Do – For Students

Contact Professor Daniel Douglas for assistance with operationalizing your research questions, finding appropriate data, and refining your methods of analysis. Professor Douglas can assist you with questions related to Trinity College’s Institutional Review Board (IRB). He is a wonderful resource for individual students pursuing independent research and/or thesis projects.

Past courses supported:

ECON 318 HRST 495 POLS 102 SOCL 312
EDUC 206 INTS 401 POLS 242 SOCL 410
EDUC 400 PSYC 315 SOCL 101

What We Do – For Faculty

Faculty may contact Professor Douglas to help them plan a specific workshop for their class.


Daniel Douglas Seabury Hall N-033