​All relationships that occur in a hierarchical relationship present an imbalance of power. By virtue of his or her position of authority, a supervisor or faculty member is able to influence the terms and conditions of a subordinate’s employment or a student’s academic standing. Therefore, Trinity College forbids romantic relationships between an employee (faculty or staff) and any student (including undergraduate, graduate, and IDP) for which that employee (faculty or staff) has responsibility by virtue of any professional supervisory obligations, including teaching, advising, departmental, committee, and coaching. Additionally, the College expects all supervisory staff (whether faculty or staff) and all faculty (whether supervisory or not) to avoid engaging in romantic relationships with individuals (whether students or employees) over whom they exercise or have the potential to exercise power. If an employee feels that such a relationship cannot be avoided, counsel should be sought from an Appropriate College Official, as defined below, to ensure that necessary steps are taken to avoid potential conflict.