Patience is a virtue and that famous saying would certainly apply in the case of Trinity College women's golf senior co-captain Sarah Vimini.

The Easton, Conn. native waited three years for Trinity to field a women’s golf squad at the varsity level, and was finally granted her wish as a senior in the fall of2018. Vimini played golf for her high school, Fairfield Warde, and continued to play in college on her own time.

“Although I didn’t play much throughout the school year, I devoted my summers to the sport,” Vimini said about her playing. “I worked as a golf instructor for Nike Golf Camp and would play almost everyday.”

It was during the spring of Vimini’s sophomore year that she and teammate Emily Schroeder reached out to the athletic administration and pitched their idea of starting a women’s varsity golf team. Luckily, Trinity had been considering this idea for some time and during the fall of her junior year in 2017 Vimini and Schroeder played a major role, along with Trinity associate athletic director Kristen Noone, in the formation of Trinity Women’s Golf. The two women competed individually in tournaments in the fall and spring.

“I was overjoyed when I found out Trinity was starting a varsity women’s golf program,” Vimini said. “In high school, I had decided not to pursue golf in college, but immediately after arriving at Trinity I realized how much I missed the sport. I felt a void that couldn’t be filled no matter how many clubs I joined. I missed played golf competitively and I missed the team aspect of it.”

This summer, Brittany Grimm was appointed as Trinity’s head women’s golf coach, her first varsity coaching experience, in addition to her duties as an assistant for the Bantam softball squad.

“It was an exciting endeavor! It was definitely a learning experience for everyone which made it that much more special and the team that much closer. It was awesome seeing how they improved. We ended the fall with many players having their best rounds of the season in our first-ever NESCAC Championship Tournament. Golf is not an easy sport to pick up in such a short amount of time, and even those with less experience from the get-go made major strides on the course in only six weeks. They were willing to put in the work and are eager to keep training in the off-season to make Trinity Women’s Golf a competitive and successful program.”

Vimini shined her lone varsity season. She finishes second at the Bowdoin Invitational and third at the Bates Invitational in back-to-back tournaments in Maine. She had five top25 finishes out of six tournaments, including a 21st-place performance in the NESCAC Tourney.

“It was amazing to have the opportunity to play against other college students who share the same love and drive for the sport,” Vimini added. “It’s also great having wonderful teammates. I became very close with them throughout the season and have developed friendships that will last a lifetime.”

“Sarah Vimini made a major impact on our team and program. Her knowledge of the game and playing experience of the game was instrumental for other players on our team’” Coach Grimm said. “She set a standard for her teammates to follow and they fed off her. Sarah was a pleasure to coach and we will certainly miss her. It would have been awesome to see her play four years because I think she would have had a terrific career. Even what she did in one year was remarkable, especially kicking off the first weekend of the season with a 78!”

“Overall, my Trinity experience has been incredible.” Vimini says. “I have met some of my best friends here at Trinity. I love the dynamic of this school. Trinity has provided me with numerous leadership opportunities and has enabled me to partake in research in neuroscience. I love Trinity.”

After Trinity, Vimini currently plans to focus on working as a certified nurse’s assistant and eventually a career as a physician’s assistant.

“In my free time, I plan on playing golf leisurely. I also plan on going to a tournament next year to watch my teammates compete.”