The Presidential Advisers is a select group of alumni leaders distinguished by significant, sustained service and commitment to Trinity College.

The group was established in 2015 in partnership with the Chair of the Board of Trustees Cornelia Parsons Thornburgh ’80 and Trustee Emeritus Douglas T. Tansill ’61, P’91,’96. Given their long-standing relationship with their alma mater, Advisers serve as effective and knowledgeable ambassadors for the college. Their primary role is to counsel the president on matters of strategic importance, informed by their professional backgrounds and particular perspectives on the college. Through their service, Advisers preserve and enhance the excellence of Trinity College. 

The following is a list of Presidential Advisers as of October 2019.

Mrs. Sophie Bell Ayres ’77, P’12
Mr. E. Thayer Bigelow, Jr. ’65, P’99, ’04, ’10
Mr. Peter R. Blum ’72, P’12
Robert M. Blum, Esq. ’50, P’88
Mrs. Emily Latour Bogle ’79
Mr. Robert E. Brickley ’67, P’93, ’96
Alfonso L. Carney, Jr., Esq. ’70
Cassandra Henderson Carney, M.D. ’75
David C. Charlesworth, M.D. ’66, P’95, ’00
Mrs. Sarah Koeppel Cohn ’83
Mrs. Shakira Ramos Crespo ’02
Mr. Rodney D. Day III ’62, P’85
Mr. Thomas R. DiBenedetto ’71, P’08, ’12, ’13, ’15, ’17
Ms. Nina McNeely Diefenbach ’80, P’18
Arlene A. Forastiere, M.D. ’71
Mr. Andrew H. Forrester ’61
Mr. Thomas F. Head III ’52
Henry H. Hopkins, Esq. ’65
Karen A. Jeffers, Esq. ’76
Mr. Thomas S. Johnson ’62, H’05, P’97
Victor F. Keen, Esq. ’63
George A. Kellner, Esq. ’64
Mr. Mark A. Leavitt ’80, P’14
Dr. Alexander H. Levi ’67
Michael D. Loberg, Ph.D. ’69, P’00
Mr. Stanley J. Marcuss, Jr. ’63
Mr. William K. Marimow ’69, H’16
Mr. Charles H. McGill III ’63, P’94
Mrs. Mary Penniman Moran ’76
Mr. Paul H. Mounds Jr. ’07
Mrs. Elaine Feldman Patterson ’76
Ms. Carolyn A. Pelzel ’74
Mr. William M. Polk ’62, H’85
Mr. Paul E. Raether ’68, H’14, P’93, ’96, ’01
Mr. Scott W. Reynolds ’63, H’11, P’92
Mr. William H. Reynolds, Jr. ’71
William C. Richardson, Ph.D. ’62, H’03
Mr. Edward C. Rorer ’65, P’91, GP’21
Mr. William P. Scully ’61
Mr. R. Kevin Smith ’87, P’21
Mr. Richard W. Stockton ’60, P’91, ’94
Mr. Douglas T. Tansill ’61, P’91, ’96
Mr. Luther L. Terry, Jr. ’67
Mr. W. James Tozer, Jr. ’63, P’89, ’90
Mr. William H. Turner III ’62, P’91
Stanley A. Twardy, Jr., Esq. ’73
Mr. Timothy J. Walsh ’85, P’15
Mr. Ronald V. Waters III ’74, P’06
James P. Whitters III, Esq. ’62, P’95, ’97
Mr. Henry M. Zachs ’56