Study away

The Philosophy Department strongly recommends study away as an important contribution to a philosophical education. Pursuing study in another country is an important part of a philosophical education. By exposing oneself to other languages and world-views, one challenges one’s own epistemological, ethical, and political preconceptions and biases. Though the Philosophy department supports all Study Away programs, we currently have special relationships with Trinity in Trinidad and Trinity in Vienna. For questions about Trinity in Trinidad, please contact Dr. Marcano; for Trinity in Vienna, please contact either Dr. Ewegen or Dr. Vogt​.​​


In order to qualify for honors, students must write a two-semester senior thesis and achieve a grade of A-or better. They must also achieve a departmental average (based on all philosophy courses taken) of at least A-.

Real-world Opportunities

Trinity’s setting in Hartford provides student philosophers with excellent opportunities for internships that will enhance their major. In keeping with the Department’s commitment to interdisciplinary study, Philosophy majors have pursued internships with arts and other organizations such as a U.S. Senator’s office; hospitals, such as Hartford, Mt. Sinai-St. Francis, John Dempsey Hospital, and the Institute of Living; and many other agencies and institutions, such as the State Department of Corrections.

Teaching Assistantships in Philosophy are available and provide an outstanding opportunity for majors to apply their knowledge of the subject matter by leading review sessions, reading papers, or assisting in classwork.