The Deans’ Scholars designation is awarded to students in the first-year class who earned the highest 25 grade point averages after two semesters of study at Trinity College. (There are more than 25 students honored because multiple students have the same GPA.)

Membership in the company of Deans’ Scholars is intended both to recognize outstanding academic achievement and to encourage continued academic excellence. Students remain Deans’ Scholars through the end of their sophomore year.

The Class of 2025 Deans’ Scholars, listed alphabetically, are:

B D S Aritra

Claire Beaulieu

Matthew Birnhak

Julius Bourbeau

Zachary DelGaizo

Gianna Derosa

Alexander Domat

Kendall Dorsey

Alexandra Golz

Anna Grant-Bolton

Metasebia Habtegiorgis

Jacob Kaplan

Otis Klawans

Olivia Kowals

Emma Kozak

Daniel Lenois

Jacob Loor

Emma Markowski

Noah McEachern

Nolan McKenna

Taylor Mikolajczak

Armen Nanayan

Tiara Ogunsanya

Hung Pham

Lilly Pubillones

Molly Repoza

Ellie Ryan

Reese San Diego

Charlie Taing

Madison Thompson

Chloe Tobin

Nicole Vega

Siena Wood

Sydney Yu