The Deans’ Scholars designation is awarded to approximately 25 full-time, first-year students with the highest grade point averages at the end of the first year. Membership in the company of Deans’ Scholars is intended both to recognize outstanding academic achievement and to encourage continued academic excellence. Students remain Deans’ Scholars through the end of their sophomore year.

The Class of 2023 Deans’ Scholars, listed alphabetically, are:

Dirceu C. Boca

Jacob S.W. Borgida

Tasha C. Casey

Aiden T. Chisholm

Catherine A. Doyle

Reagan F. Flynn

Flynn G. Gorman

Aspen T. Hawkins

Sara A. Johnson

Nanci A. Lopez Flores

Dolores Marcial Modesto

Keelyn F. McNamara

Marshall D. Montner

Gillian G. Murdock

Ling Yue Poon

Maciej J. Pradziad

Daniel A. Santos Ramirez

Kaitlyn A. Siedman

Ananya Swamy

Zoe C. Sylvester-Chin

Ayana Tabo

Ihsan Uyan

Evan S. Wyman

Mohammad M. Yaqubi

Caroline S. Yonce

Kamila Zygadlo