Hartford, Connecticut, February 14, 2020—The number of students admitted to Trinity College’s Class of 2024 through Early Decision (ED) is up 10 percent from last year’s enrolled class, due to the strength and size of the applicant pool. The 314 students admitted through two rounds of ED will be joined by 16 previously admitted students who reaffirmed their commitment to Trinity after deferring their admission for a year, bringing the total enrolled students for the Class of 2024 to 330, before regular decision admissions.

Vice President for Enrollment and Student Success Angel B. Pérez said, “The Class of 2024 is shaping up to be one of the most intellectually curious and engaged classes in Trinity history.” He noted that in a year when most institutions across the country have seen decreased numbers of ED applications, Trinity experienced a rise in the number of ED applications and admitted students.

There were two rounds of ED reviewed; the first group learned of their acceptance in mid-December and the second group received acceptance letters February 13. Among this year’s admitted ED students, 46 percent are women and 54 percent are men. Thirteen percent of the ED admits are first-generation college students, and 11.5 percent are international students. American students of color, including multiethnic students, are 20 percent of the ED admits. Fifty-three percent are from outside of the New England area.

Included in the ED admits are 169 student-athletes and 10 Posse Scholars from Chicago. Fifty-six percent of the admitted ED students will receive financial aid, which totals approximately $8 million during the 2020-2021 academic year.

“In addition to their academic strength, students coming to Trinity this year through our Early Decision program impressed us with their accomplishments outside of the classroom,” Pérez said. “We’ve been moved by the desire these students have to serve as change agents to improve the communities in which they live and work and we can’t wait for them to bring their excitement and enthusiasm to Trinity and to Hartford.”

In Trinity’s fifth year as a test-optional institution, 76 percent of the ED admits chose not to submit standardized test scores.

Regular decision applicants had a deadline of January 15, 2020, and will receive notification of Trinity’s admission decision by mid-March.