As part of a comprehensive restoration of the Trinity College Chapel, its pictorial stained-glass windows were painstakingly disassembled, restored, and re-installed, during this Bicentennial year.

But the scaffolding on the Chapel interior that announced the work is coming down. The Stained Glass Resources company has completed the eight-month process.

The array of dark, 13th-century style glass in the tower, and lighter English 14th- and 15th-century style glass in the choir and sanctuary, again reveals faces known to the College and the nation.

Chapel architect Philip Frohman, who also designed the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., included both spiritual and historical themes in his design. In addition to Trinity leaders and symbols, the stained glass depicts biblical history and prominent visionaries such as transcendentalists Emerson and Thoreau.

Nick Caito, staff photographer, and representatives at Stained Glass Resources Inc., documented the process of restoring the artwork.