Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous alumnus, the Department of Mathematics has established a series of visiting assistant professorships, named after the late Harold L. Dorwart, a long time member of the faculty. The goal of these three-year postdoctoral positions is to bring a steady flow of outstanding new mathematicians to Trinity. Each Dorwart assistant professor will be matched with a senior faculty member, who will be both a mentor and collaborator.

The ideal candidate for the Dorwart assistant professorship will have both strong research potential and a commitment to teaching at a liberal arts institution. The teaching load is five courses per year; one of those courses will be a research seminar taught in conjunction with the senior faculty member. To make the positions as attractive as possible, the salaries will be extremely competitive and will be supplemented with a travel and research expense stipend.

Current and Past Dorwart Professors:

 Name  Year Field
Stefanie Wang 2017 Algebra
Lauren Lazarus 2017 Applied Mathematics
Ian Adelstein 2015 Differential geometry
Eli Goldwyn 2014 Applied Mathematics
Kirsti Wash Kuenzel 2014 Graph Theory
Li-An Daniel Wang  2012  Harmonic analysis
Lisa Melanson
Keith Jones
Applied Mathematics
Geometric Group Theory
Jeong-Ok Choi  2009  Graph Theory
 Mohammad Javaheri  2008  Geometric Analysis
 Lynette Boos  2006  Functional Analysis
 Yan Wang  2005  Graph Theory
 Christian Rios  2004  Harmonic Analysis and PDEs
 Matthew Horak  2003  Geometric Group Theory
 James McLaughlin  2002  Continued Fractions
 David Erwin  2001  Graph Theory and Combinatorics
 Terje Hoim  2000  Functional Analysis