A Message from the Chair of the History Department

Studying history in college is very different from studying history in most high schools.  Students often think that studying history is all about memorizing facts and dates.  While it’s always important to get the facts right, studying history at Trinity emphasizes analysis and interpretation.  History students learn to undertake thorough research, to become effective communicators, and to view the world – past and present – through multiple lenses.  Historians are both problem-finders and problem-solvers; they are both methodical and creative, rigorous and flexible.

There are several distinct advantages to studying History at Trinity.  First, our faculty expertise literally spans the globe, and we offer a wide range of courses that can either form their own fascinating course of study, or complement other interests in the liberal arts.  Second, we have many research resources on site.  The Watkinson Library, in particular, offers opportunities for undergraduates to work with archives and rare books.  It’s highly unusual to get hands-on access to such treasures as an undergraduate.  Third, the Department and Trinity provide many opportunities to support and encourage student research, including History travel funding and summer research fellowships.  Although most of our majors do not go into academia, a number of our majors who took part in these programs have gone on to top graduate programs in history.

I encourage you to consider studying history at Trinity.  Wherever and whenever your historical interest may lie, our department has courses that will appeal to you. Moreover, our mission as scholars and teachers of history is to help you explore and develop those interests in new and increasingly thought-provoking directions.  In the 2023-24 academic year we are implementing a new curriculum that reflects the dynamism of our historical scholarship and pedagogy.  I look forward to sharing more information with you over the coming year about this exciting development.

Professor Jennifer Regan-Lefebvre
Chair of History Department
Professor of History
[email protected]
Seabury Hall N-125