In this short video, Trinity College Professor Britney Jones invites students to enroll in her new course, Educ 323: Critical Pedagogy, on TR 10:50am now in Spring 2023. Email her if you need permission to enroll or have any questions.  you need permission to enroll or have any questions, contact Prof. Jones.

EDUC 323: Critical Pedagogy with Prof. Britney Jones
Description: How do schools marginalize and exclude students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds? How can teachers create classroom environments that are more inclusive and relevant for a diverse student body? In this course students will examine instructional practices using a critical lens. They will examine critical theory and pedagogical frameworks (such as Culturally Relevant Pedagogy, Culturally Responsive Teaching, Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy, Reality Pedagogy, and Abolitionist Teaching) to uncover equitable solutions for classroom practice. For the community-learning component, groups of students will design, conduct, and present research projects related to the implementation of these solutions.
Cross-referenced with Community Learning.
Prerequisite: C- or better in Educational Studies 200 or permission of instructor.