How do Trinity graduates reflect on their liberal arts learning? What advice do they wish they had heard when they were students? Karolina Barrientos ’22 and Azka Hassan ’23 asked these and other questions when they conducted Zoom interviews with ten alumni from the Educational Studies Program who are working in the field of education. Check out our new Alumni Interviews web page, and thanks to all who kindly agreed to participate and publicly share their stories, which helps to build stronger connections between our former and current students. If you graduated from the Educational Studies Program or St. Joseph’s teacher preparation program, and would like to share your experiences on working in fields such as education, youth development, community organizations, or related areas, email the Director of the Ed Studies Program to arrange to be interviewed by a student next semester.

Image first row: Begaeta (Nukic) Ahmic ’11, John Bonhom ’03, Danyelle Doldoorian ’14, Kate (McEachern) Bermingham ’07, Jessica Wagner ’07. Second row: Elaina Rollins ’16, Emily Meehan ’16, Keisha (John) Morris ’08, Luke Forshaw ’03, Cara Midlige ’17.