ArbNet logoThe Trinity College Arboretum, established in Spring 2023 and recognized by Arbnet as a Level I Arboretum, encompasses the entire 100+ acre urban campus. The arboretum consists of over 1,500 trees, including two Connecticut state champion trees, an English Elm and a Temple’s Upright Sugar Maple, as well as many other notable trees. Elms feature heavily in the Arboretum, supporting Trinity’s alma mater “‘Neath the Elms.”


Trinity College’s Arboretum protects, enhances, and sustains an urban oasis that celebrates the region’s nature and history, functions as a gathering place for conservation efforts and community engagement, serves as a living lab for teaching, research, and learning, and supports the long-term enjoyment and health of the Trinity community and beyond.

Champion Elm
The Connecticut Champion English Elm

Vision and Values

An arboretum serves the community in many capacities and offers the Trinity community and beyond the opportunity for learning and connection.  We envision the Arboretum to be:

  • a permanent opportunity to showcase, share, and enhance a beautiful campus and celebrate the diversity of species and notable trees on campus
  • a local, strategic, institutional response to current crises in climate, biodiversity, and mental and physical health
  • a visible recognition of our history and alma mater (‘Neath the Elms) and the visionary leaders that stewarded this legacy over many decades
  • a year-round classroom offering research and educational opportunities across the curriculum
  • a natural gathering space for meetings and impromptu social interactions and a restorative and accessible landscape for the Trinity and Hartford communities