Update on Summer Programs

Dear Trinity College Community Members,

Among the many important near-term considerations related to the college’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic is what will happen with our summer programs. Typically, our campus is alive with activity in the summer, with a slate of summer session courses, research in our labs and out in the community, and a full complement of educational and recreational camps, public events, and other programming.

It’s increasingly clear that, from a health and safety perspective, we cannot plan for a “typical” summer on campus. Indeed, while we’re seeing some preliminary signs that strict social distancing measures are having a positive impact in slowing the spread of the virus, we cannot yet know when we will be able to resume full in-person operations.

It’s therefore with great regret that we write to share the news that we have decided to suspend all in-person summer classes and programming, including in-person research and student employment. Accordingly, we cannot accommodate any new requests for summer housing for students at this time. We are working to ensure that in-person classes, research, and student employment will be replaced with remote options wherever feasible. At its meeting this week, the faculty will vote on a motion from the Curriculum Committee to allow summer 2020 courses to be offered remotely. We also are reaching out to our area partners for key summer programs, including Hartford Youth Scholars and Dream Camp.

We know this news is disappointing, and that you may have questions about what the implications of this decision are for you and your plans. For those with questions related to summer academic programs, please be in touch with the Dean of the Faculty’s office. For questions about other summer programs and events, please contact Megan Fitzsimmons in the Calendar and Special Events Office.

Our thanks to all who have offered valuable input that informed this decision. As we adjust and adapt in response to the pandemic, we do so with the aim of ensuring the continued fulfillment of our academic mission and the enduring value of our college. We know this isn’t easy, and any summer alternatives we provide cannot replace the quality of in-person experiences. Still, we will do our best in supporting all members of our community and their ability to continue learning this summer.


Sonia Cardenas
Acting Dean of the Faculty and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dan Hitchell
Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer