The Story of Rowing at Trinity College
By B.C. Mooney

Barbara Connell (B.C.) Mooney M’68, P’74, ’75, was the author of The Bantam Oar, the Story of Rowing at Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut. The book takes the reader from the earliest days of rowing at the college in the mid-1800s, through to the 1970s, when coeducation saw the addition of women’s teams. Presented here as an audio-book, read by Kevin MacDermott, Head Coach of Trinity College Men’s Rowing, with images from the book in the media gallery at the bottom of the page.

This project was undertaken in order to make available The Bantam Oar to all alumni and friends of Trinity Rowing and Trinity College. Originally published in 1974, this incomparable work has been out of print for over forty years. With the total number of physical copies dwindling over time, the audio-book format presented itself as a way to preserve a seminal piece of Trinity Rowing history and to make the book available for wide distribution. Kevin’s acknowledgements and dedication follow below the audio player.


Acknowledgements and Dedication

It was an honor and a privilege to bring Barbara Mooney’s extraordinary volume of Trinity Rowing history into this format. I began voice acting in 2015 and have done projects for Lego, Google, NPR, and The Connecticut Science Center among others. This however, was my first effort at recording, producing, and editing an entire audio book. This project would not have been possible without the considerable contributions of time, expertise, and support from many individuals.

Most significantly, my sincere appreciation to the Mooney family, particularly Christopher Mooney ’75, for approval and support of this effort. I hope this project serves as a respectful tribute to the memory of Barbara M’68, P’74, ’75 and Chad ’74 and also as a testament to the immeasurable contributions your family has made to the college, the rowing program, and the department of athletics.

Thank you to Tyler Somerville ’21, Trinity varsity oarsman, computer science major, gifted musician, audio-engineering whiz nonpareil, and personification of the liberal arts ideal; your contributions to this project were pivotal.

For pushing this project across the finish line, thank you to Director of Sports Communications Dave Kingsley and Ellen Buckhorn, Manager of Web Services for the Office of Communications.

Thank you also to Director of Athletics Drew Galbraith and Assistant Athletic Director Karen Shu for steadfast and indomitable support of athletics and rowing at Trinity.

Finally, I would like to dedicate my portion of this project to the memory and spirit of Robert Benjamin ’71. For his unwavering support, counsel, and friendship, I will forever be grateful; for his peerless commitment to the college and passionate, life-long support of the rowing program, Trinity will forever honor his memory. Taken from this life far too soon, Benjy’s generosity, intelligence, and warmth will light our way for years to come.