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    A trinity college grad standing at the graduation podium ready to speak

    Investing in Exceptional Students

    In our third century, Trinity’s success depends upon recruiting the best students everywhere.

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  • An inspired Trinity college student wearing safety goggles
    Objective 1

    Need Based Scholarship Initiative

    We will invest in human talent, transform lives, and build a stronger community.

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  • Trinity College student hammering rocks in a geology lab
    Objective 2

    Middle-Income Scholarship Fund

    We will enroll exceptional middle-income students, restoring socioeconomic balance on campus and making our student community more representative of our society.

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  • A Trinity College student assisting the community with accounting skills
    Objective 3

    Capital Region Scholarship Initiative

    We will recruit the most talented students from the city of Hartford and the Greater Capital Region.

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  • An international trinity college student with their family
    Objective 4

    International Scholarship Fund

    We will recruit the best students from every country and dramatically raise the college’s global profile and reputation.

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  • Trinity College First Generational College students
    Objective 5

    First-Generation Scholarship Fund

    We will act as never before on a socioeconomic reality: a Trinity education is one of the most effective ways for great students to lift their opportunities in life.

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  • A 2021 Trinity College Graduate sitting with family
    Objective 6

    Recruitment and Success Fund

    We will dramatically boost our success as the home of opportunity for all outstanding students.

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  • As Trinity’s Financial Aid Budget Has Risen, So Has Its Student Quality

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