Trinity’s Entrepreneurship Center, launched in September 2022, instills in our students the creative thinking skills necessary to meet a dynamic and rapidly changing world and the confidence and know-how to turn ideas into action.  Kathryn George Tyree ’86, a founding member of the Entrepreneurship Center’s Advisory Board, has now made a leadership commitment to permanently endow the core of the Center: The Innovation Fellows Program.

The Kathryn George Tyree ’86 Innovation Fellows Program is a two-year exploration of creativity, invention, innovation and entrepreneurship. The Tyree Fellows Program offers Trinity students a distinctive competitive advantage as they prepare for their post-college careers.

“My decision to invest in the new Entrepreneurship Center is based largely on two factors. First, I believe Trinity graduates are, by nature, an entrepreneurial group. The Center builds on that extraordinary attribute of Trinity alums. Second, Trinity’s goal in establishing an Entrepreneurship Center is to create a best-in-class program in a liberal arts setting. We aren’t the first college to establish an entrepreneurship program. But very few can compete with the extraordinarily accomplished and connected Trinity network that will be fueling it.”  Kathryn George Tyree ’86

Students will apply to become a Tyree Innovation Fellow before they arrive on campus their first year. Once selected as a Tyree Fellow, students will be trained in design thinking, augmenting their critical thinking and problem solving skills.  Two experiential certificates—one in Innovation, another in Entrepreneurship—will combine traditional coursework with immersive experiences. January-Term classes, mentoring from well-matched Trinity alumni, high impact internships, and entrepreneurship competitions are just a few of the experiences Tyree Fellows can expect.

“Kathryn Tyree has been a driving force behind the idea of entrepreneurship at Trinity well before I arrived. She has been one of the architects of a vision for a competitive entrepreneurship center at Trinity that will be among the best in the liberal arts. Kathryn’s significant investment in the Innovation Fellows Program is exactly what is needed to start us on the path to fulfill that vision.”Danny Briere, Executive Director, Entrepreneurship Center

“The learning goals we have for our students include connecting knowledge with practice, rigorous testing of ideas and hypotheses, and creating solutions to real-world challenges. The Innovation Fellows Program teaches a critical set of skills that will serve our students well no matter which field of endeavor they ultimately choose. We could not be more grateful to Kathryn for championing in every way the ambitions of our students.”

Sonia Cardenas, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty


Kathryn George Tyree ’86 graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a B.A. in economics from Trinity. While at Trinity, she was president of the Student Government Association. Tyree is a partner of Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH), where she oversees their Center for Family Business and Family Office Solutions. During her over 36 year career at BBH, she has served as chief administrative officer, overseen Sales, Research and Trading and is currently the chair of the Private Banking Investment Oversight Committee and a member of the Capital Partners private equity Investment Committee. Tyree is a former trustee of Trinity and served as co-chair of the quiet phase of the “All In” Campaign.