New theater course offered in Fall 2020 semester focused on documentary-based ensemble theater-making on subjects of ethical questions within multicultural society.

THDN-345-90 Theater for Social Change
Fall 2020
MW 6:15-7:55 PM
This exciting new remote course to be offered in the Fall semester introduces documentary-based ensemble theatre making and performance as a mode of participatory action research for initiating social change. During the semester students will engage in the process of making and performing original works of theatre that investigate real circumstances, examine existing perceptions, identify critical issues, and generate a public forum for social dialogue.
The coursework will focus on techniques based on the work of Augusto Boal and other methodologies. It will include individual research to explore ethical questions and diverse perspectives regarding freedoms and limitations of academic and personal expression in the context of maintaining responsibility and well-being within a multicultural society.
This class will be taught by an exciting leader in the Theater of the Oppressed world who will be announced soon!
Open to all students who are interested in this type of participatory theater and are motivated to action
Cross-referenced with Education and Human Rights Studies.
Please write Michael Preston at for more info and permission.