Do you have questions about technology, the library or your ID? IS Desk staff working from home and in the Raether Library and Information Technology Center are ready to help you!

Please refer to our Hours page which includes information for all service points in RLITC. Check out Tips and Resources page for other helpful information.

To protect your health, all services are contactless. You may:

We will try to get back to you quickly but we have less staff onsite and some services will be slower than in the past. When your problem cannot be solved remotely, in-person services will be provided by appointment only. IS Desk appointments will be made through the ticket system.

ID Card Help

Note: The ID Card Office will also be by appointment only and will no longer be doing in-person photo taking. If you are new to the college and need your Trinity ID, or have turned 21 and want to replace the photo on your Trinity ID, please create a ticket. (You will upload a picture to this ticket and we will schedule an appointment with you for pick up.) Loaner cards are also available by appointment. Please give us a call.