Faculty and staff are key partners in student success at Trinity College.

Student Success partnered with Adrienne Oddi and Jonathan Gowin from the Admissions Office to share their own experiences as first-generation college students during First-Gen Pre-Orientation.

Research on student success demonstrates that student-faculty interactions, inside and outside of the classroom, can make the difference as to whether a student persists in and achieves their academic goals.

That’s why the Office of Student Success invites faculty members to connect with us and reaches out in partnership to shore up the network of support for our students. Whether it’s helping us identify a student who is thinking about transferring away from Trinity, to connecting students to campus resources that improve their Trinity experience, we are here to help.

Series of virtual skill-building workshops designed for first-year students, including First Generation and Transfer Students, begin on Tuesday 9/22 during Common Hour.

This fall semester, we are hosting a series of skill-building workshops, designed especially for first-year students. We hope you will encourage your students to participate and also, perhaps, partner with us on marketing or co-hosting future events and programs.

Students navigating transitions need support, and together, we can make our community even stronger.

Please, let’s get in touch.

Finding Your Academic Path

Trinity’s Center for Academic Advising is the go-to place for students seeking assistance with choosing a major—and more.


Office of Student Success

We are currently navigating this unprecedented circumstance and are taking necessary measures to ensure the health and well-being of our community. While our team is working remotely, we are still supporting students, parents, and families. We know you are navigating this new normal as well and would like to offer our services, especially at this time. Please let us know how we can support you during this transition. To schedule a virtual appointment with us, visit: http://bit.ly/studentsuccessappointment