The OISS mentorship program made my transition into college super smooth and instantly made me feel at home here. I met others who shared concerns and problems with me, and knew I wasn’t alone. The Squid Squad was one of the most valuable resources I had in my first year at Trinity.

Matin Yaqubi, ’23

Over the summer, incoming international students are asked to fill out a survey of personal and academic interests. We then place them into small groups of other first years, under the careful aegis of a sophomore, junior, or senior international student.

Beyond being orientation advisors (who help you move into your dorms), mentors will also take you on fun excursions, such as to the pumpkin patch in the fall.

We also have a few get-togethers throughout the semester to chat with each other about topics relevant to international first years, all while sharing delicious meals, of course.

As a mentor I met many wonderful first-years. Not only did I try to help my mentees get through their transition, but I also learned a lot from them. One of my mentees is such a mature person, and he gave me some valuable advice on some personal issues. The Squid Squad helps everyone—mentors and mentees both!

Linzi Zheng, ’22

Fun Fact: The “Squid Squad” name comes from the giant blue squid, “Frank Ocean,” who lives in Katie’s office. He is the unofficial mascot of OISS.